Check out some of the wonderful things past clients have to say about working with me!


“Before finding Erica, I had recurring SIBO and chronic IBS. I had lost a lot of weight and muscle mass and was down from 106 to 92 lbs. Over a two year span I had been on various FODMAP diets, the non fermentable diet, visited gastroenterologists, to Dr. Pimentel’s digestive center at Cedars Sinai, nothing was working! I was desperate!!

With a little research, my husband found Erica Julson… she saved me!! With her vast knowledge, expertise, and positive outlook, she guided me through the MRT testing and the LEAP diet. She took into account my SIBO/IBS issues and also my weight loss. Now I feel great with normal bowel movements and weight gain.

I would advise everyone to work with Erica first when it comes to choosing a nutritionist. I would highly recommend Erica’s program. Erica’s programs are flexible and she is always there for you in person, by phone and email and text to answer all questions and troubleshoot. She is a full service one woman operation that is dedicated and motivated to help you. She cares!!! She gave my life back!

Thank you Erica!”
— Michele

“Prior to MRT and LEAP, my stomach aches were frequent with no indication of consistency. I tried many different diets, allergy tests, blood tests, and GI tests, and none of the results came back as a clear culprit.

Within the first week of MRT/LEAP and working with Erica, I felt better. Her program is different than anything I had tried before. After the initial consultation with Erica, I was confident that I would find symptom relief, and I did. It has been years since I have gone so long without any symptoms. Working with Erica and doing LEAP has been absolutely worth it! I really appreciate her guidance through the program, and having answers and recommendations for all of my questions. I know that when I do start having symptoms again, I can go back to the LEAP approved foods and I will feel better almost immediately.

I plan on recommending Erica’s services to many of my friends. They are so excited to hear the success I’ve had, they can’t wait to try it for themselves. My advice would be: fully commit to the MRT/LEAP food recommendations. Don’t cheat the diet because it will be worth it in the long run.”

–Lauren B.


“Prior to working with Erica, I had been a long time sufferer of Crohn’s and had just completed a resection surgery in October 2016. Part of my healing was to get my gut back in check with learning the best foods to eat for me to eliminate my symptoms of chronic Crohn’s – anemia, fatigue, depression, anxiety, diarrhea, leaky gut, malaise, and intestinal pain.

Working with Erica and getting tested for food sensitivities made me more aware of what foods are good for me to eat and what foods are not, which turns out is a lot of things that were a daily part of my diet. It also taught me that keeping a rotation in your diet is essential. It hasn’t totally eliminated my symptoms as I had 15+ years of Crohn’s to combat, but it has helped in greatly reducing them and teaching me new methods of eating.

Erica’s staged approach (MRT first, LEAP for 3-6 months, then micronutrient testing and supplementation) really helped me not feel so overwhelmed with the drastic changes that had to occur in my diet.”

–Ariel Kochbarski, Of The Momnt, @ofthemomnt


“For many years (decades, really), I have suffered from headaches, usually daily. I saw doctor after doctor and was put on regimens that included strong prescription medicines and Botox. Nothing worked. I was constantly taking pain killers and migraine medicines.

I never thought of food as the cause until one day I ate a snack food and got an immediate headache. That led me to Erica Julson. I worked with Erica for about 6 months and she helped me substantially reduce a life-long problem with headaches.

Based on food sensitivity testing, Erica helped me craft a diet of healthy and non-sensitive foods, gradually adding additional foods back into my diet. She also suggested appropriate vitamins and probiotics.

Although I am not 100% headache free, I have now reached the point where I have a remarkable number of days without headaches—and without pain killers.

Erica and I communicated primarily through email and I found her emails to be consistently helpful and informative. She provided food recommendations and recipes as well as information about nutrients.

Most of all, Erica calmed me down each time I thought the plan wasn’t working and that I should give up. It wasn’t easy, especially in the early weeks of the food plan, but I’m so glad she kept me going. ”

–Susan R.