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With a membership to the online Functional Nutrition Library.

Over 380 functional nutrition “cheat-sheets” on health conditions, deficiencies, supplements, and foods.

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Stop spending endless hours compiling research & start focusing your time on the thing that really matters… helping clients.

Real talk: This is the resource I wish I had when I first started my practice.

Over the years, I’ve compiled a HUGE compilation of notes that I reference on an almost daily basis.

Seriously… my practice couldn’t function without my notes.

After sharing these notes with peers & getting really great feedback, it finally dawned on me that I should make this available to everyone!

So, I created the online Functional Nutrition Library.

The Functional Nutrition Library makes it easy to stay current on nutrition topics your clients will be asking about.

You’ll always have the ability to quickly reference the Functional Nutrition Library from your phone, computer, or tablet & answer your clients questions quickly, or even on the spot!

From A to Z (or, technically, from acne to Wegener’s), I’ve got nutrition notes on over 150 conditions… and GROWING.

(Seriously, I add to my notes on a daily basis).

My practice is heavily focused on GI health and adverse food reactions, but I’ve also created a vast resource of notes for all the nutrients tested by Spectracell, as well as commonly eaten foods and chemicals tested on the Mediator Release Test (MRT).

Who is the Functional Nutrition Library for?

  • Registered dietitians or other healthcare professionals interested in learning more about functional nutrition.
  • Those who want a quick way to reference nutrition recommendations.
  • Those looking to keep up to date with new research without doing the note-taking themselves.
  • Those with basic level knowledge of nutrition & physiology, and who are capable of further researching topics on their own.

Who is the Functional Nutrition Library NOT for?

  • Those who have dedicated years of self-study to functional nutrition & have compiled comprehensive resources of their own.
  • Those looking for a completely exhaustive textbook of information, detailing the research and physiology behind each recommendation. Check out Dr. Alan Gaby’s Nutritional Medicine textbook for this type of resource 🙂

What kind of information does it contain?

  • Quick checklists of nutrition-related factors to consider with various health conditions.
  • The goal is to eliminate the overwhelm and simplify the information into practical and actionable tidbits.
  • I am constantly fleshing out the notes with a bunch of references and abstracts, so you will have peer-reviewed research to back up your recommendations.
  • Some notes are more detailed than others, with an emphasis on GI health and food sensitivity related topics. But they are updated and expanded weekly.
  • The information in the Functional Nutrition Library is NOT medical advice, and should not be construed as such. Always talk to your doctor before implementing any diet or lifestyle modifications.
  • From September 2017 to February 2018, The Functional Nutrition Library will be releasing monthly mini e-courses on practical business topics. All members receive FREE access to ALL the e-courses (A $29 value each month). Check out the selection here (new courses are uploaded on the last Monday of each month).
  • The 6 courses include:
    • Sept ’17: Micronutrient Testing 101
    • Oct ’17: Recommending & Selling Supplements Online
    • Nov ’17: Understanding Adverse Food Reactions
    • Dec ’17: Insider Look: Life as a Certified LEAP Therapist
    • January ’18: Comparison of the Many EHR Options for Virtual Private Practice
    • February ’18: Review of the Best Functional Nutrition Trainings & Resources

How does it work?

  • Simply sign up through the form on this page to subscribe as a member of the Functional Nutrition Library.
  • You will be prompted to create a username and password as a part of the sign-up process.
  • As long as you are a paying member, you will have unlimited access to my notes, which are updated on a weekly basis.
  • All content is presented in a web-page format and is intended for reference only. This is not a compilation of handouts.

Why should you care about my notes?

  • I LOVE learning. I LOVE teaching. And I LOVE sharing information.
  • Why not share the ginormous pile of notes that I use so much myself? I KNOW they’re helpful!

Click here to check out the table of contents for each section of the Functional Nutrition Library.

You can also check out a few sample notes:

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$11.99 / month
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I look forward to having you as a member of the community! Cheers to growing and learning together <3