Oh, Shit… I Ate the Whole Bag


You’ve had a long day.

You were slammed at work, but you stuck to your clean eating diet despite it all. You feel like you need a break, so you reach for a snack to relax. After all, you deserve it!

Hmmm… what shall it be? Salty chips? Chewy cookies? Savory cheese and crackers?

You decide on the chips and settle down on the couch. You turn on your favorite TV show and zone out. You’re completely enjoying yourself, until… wait… is that the bottom of the bag? Did I really just eat an entire bag of chips in one sitting?

Enter the negative self-talk.

The body bashing, the shaming, the “God, I’m such a fat pig,” why can’t I have more self-control? You stuff the empty bag in the bottom of the trashcan so no one will see the evidence, and head to your room to ruminate.

Now you feel so guilty and tell yourself you don’t deserve to eat dinner. The chips will have to do. You already ate way too many calories already, right? Your stomach feels uncomfortable, and you don’t even feel satisfied! UGH!

Does this sound familiar?

It sure does to me. I repeated this pattern of deprivation and binge snacking for YEARS during my late teens and early twenties.

I was so concerned about looking good on the outside, that I didn’t even notice I was completely brainwashed by the dieting industry. I was convinced that restriction was necessary to stay thin. Sugar-free beverages, diet sodas, low-fat crackers, baked chips, and no-sugar added ice creams were staples in my apartment.

It never dawned on me that these episodes (like eating an entire box of cheez-its in one sitting, or going HAM on some French fries after a night out at the bars) were indicative of a problem. I had been so entrenched in thinking of my body as something that needed to be controlled and tamed, that I never even contemplated another way. And why would I, when over HALF of all American adults are currently dieting or trying to lose weight?

I was, after all, in the majority.

It wasn’t until after college, when I moved in with my boyfriend, that I started to realize something was amiss. Aaron didn’t live like this. While I was meticulously tracking my calories each day and weighing myself on the scale, he was just living life, without a second thought to what he was or was not eating.

And there was more.

When we went out to eat something I had deemed “bad,” like burgers or pizza, I couldn’t stop. No matter how full I was, I had to eat the whole thing. After all, when was the next time I would eat a meal like this? Aaron, on the other hand, could leave a quarter of his burger and half the fries on his plate if he wanted. He just listened to his body. He stopped eating when he was full, with no feelings of scarcity or deprivation.

What. An. Eye. Opener.

Aaron was a naturally mindful eater. Mindful eaters are tuned into their bodies. They just listen. They eat when they are hungry, and they stop when they are full. They don’t put judgments on food, labeling it “good” or “bad.” They eat what they want & feel happy and satisfied!

That was the year I began to change.

I started cooking every night, eating real whole foods that nourished me, and began the practice of tuning in. I continued to improve my relationship with food while studying to become a dietitian, and I can truly say, that those days of restricting and binging are long gone. I can enjoy a meal out without overdoing it, and I can keep a bag of chips in the house until they go stale. It’s been an amazing, breathtaking, life-changing journey to self-acceptance and love.

If you’re currently stuck on the yo-yo diet bandwagon, know that I’ve been there.

And I’ve also chartered a course OUT. No one deserves to be in a space of body-loathing, deprivation, and guilt. You deserve to be in place of body-love, peace, and satisfaction.

I understand all the struggles, emotions, and judgments that surface along this journey.

And I’d never let you go it alone.

That’s why I’ve teamed up with Jennifer Dene, Certified Trainer & Pilates Instructor, to create a program that’s all about LOVING your body.

There are no diets, no deprivation, no calorie counting, and NO pre-determined portion controls. Believe it or not, YOU have all the tools inside of you to repair your relationship with food.

Throughout the 10 weeks of this program, I will guide you through the exact steps I took to overcome the dieting mind state and finally become at peace with food and my body.

If you have even a smidgen of self-recognition in this story, then this program is for you. This is your time to shine, girl.

Join The Body Bliss Program. You’ll never look back.

PS- As a special bonus, the first 10 women to sign up will receive two complimentary 30-minute strategy sessions with Jenn & I. If you’ve ever thought about working with me, but were worried about finances, this is your opportunity.

You get TEN WEEKS of access to me (a dietitian) AND Jenn (a personal trainer) for less than the price of 1 session with each of us. Ummmm. AMAZING!

You’ll also join a private Facebook community with the other Body Blissers for unparalled group support. Plus, all members receive access to the program for LIFE. That means next time we run this program again (which won’t be until 2016), you automatically receive a spot in the next go-around.

Click here to join me on the journey to body bliss.

I’m dying to share my secrets with you, and help you enjoy a life free of “food & body drama” <3

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Seven Kitchen Gadgets You Shouldn’t Live Without


When you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, it quickly become clear which kitchen gadgets are helpful, and which ones just take up space and collect dust. For the purpose of this post, I’m defining a kitchen “gadget” as something that is electric or battery powered. These are items that help save me time, reduce prep work, or help me create an even better meal in the kitchen.

I’ll save you the hassle of trial and error, and share with you my personal favorites! These are the items I actually use on a regular basis in my home kitchen. (Yes, I just walked around my kitchen and conducted a mini-inventory of my favorites). If you’re missing some of these items in your kitchen, you might want to think about stocking up!

Please note that this post contains affiliate links. If you click on these links and make a purchase, I will earn a percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

  1. Kitchen Scale


Kitchen scales are a lifesaver when you buy in bulk. For example, if you picked up three pounds of ground turkey on sale, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be using all of it in one go. With a kitchen scale you can measure out the amount you need for a recipe, then freeze the leftover meat for later.

It’s also great for baking! Using weighted measures is the most precise way to follow a recipe & get the best results. Kitchen scales make it super simple to measure out the required ounces of flour you’ll need for that killer bread or muffin recipe you’re working on.

You can purchase this version on Amazon for just $30! Definitely worth investing in.


  1. Meat Thermometer


This is the secret to perfectly cooked meats. Simply open the probe, insert into the center of your meat, and check the temp. Chicken should be cooked to an internal temp of 165 degrees, while pork is safe at just 145 degrees. With this sucker at your side, you’ll never over (or under) cook meats again.

By checking the temp with your meat thermometer, you’ll also preserve the quality of your meat. If you are a “cut it open and check if it’s pink” person, stop right now and get yourself a thermometer! It is super important to let your meat rest after cooking to allow the juices to redistribute through the meat. If you cut it open hot out of the oven, the juices spill all over the place, and you’re losing juicy tenderness that could have been in your meat. The meat thermometer leaves a miniscule puncture in the meat, so you lose way less juice. Win-win!

I use this professional quality Thermapen ($96), but there are plenty of other instant-read digital thermometers for only $20-$30 on Amazon. I like this mini-pen from the same company! Totally worth it.


  1. Rice Cooker


This baby is purely about convenience. Rice is truly not very difficult to make, but it takes up a burner on the stove, and if you get distracted, you could run the risk of scorching the bottom layer of rice. Oops!

I choose to use this electric rice cooker instead 🙂 Simply add the rice and water, plug it in, and let it go! Voila! 45 minutes later you have perfectly fluffy rice, warm and ready to go. If you’re off on the timing of your meal, the cooker will keep the rice warm for you until you’re ready. Even better, this model has a delay timer, so you can set the rice and water in the cooker in the morning, and have it ready for you when you walk through the door. It also has a steamer attachment, so you could even steam veggies at the same time you cook the rice. A double time saver!

You might be thinking such an awesome piece of equipment would be expensive, but nope! It’s just $30 on Amazon!


  1. Electric Hot Water Kettle


I love my electric kettle. It boils water in just a few minutes, making it super easy to prepare large pitchers of tea to keep in the fridge, or to enjoy an evening cup of tea by the fire. I also use it to heat water for quickly cooking couscous or rice noodles or to rehydrate dried chile peppers or mushrooms. Such a time and space saver. I love that it doesn’t take up a burner on the stove, boils faster than the stove, and is safe to plug in and leave.

You can get a nice kettle for just $30 on Amazon, and I’m pretty sure you’ll never look back.


  1. Mini Food Processor


Confession- I actually have two Cuisinart food processors: A large 11-cup model, and a smaller 3-cup mini-prep model. While the large model is great for shredding or slicing veggies and cheeses in bulk, I find myself reaching for the smaller food processor more often for my day-to-day cooking tasks.

I use my mini-prep for making quick pesto, chimichurri, salad dressing, breadcrumbs, grated cheese, chopped nuts, mayonnaise, or hummus. It’s such a great tool! And again, it’s pretty affordable- just $40 here on Amazon.


6. Egg Timer


This is one of those tools I never knew I needed until I received it for a gift, but now I could never imagine life without it!

It’s an electric, waterproof egg timer that plays songs to let you know when your eggs are done. Simply plop this egg timer into the pot of simmering water with your eggs, and wait for the music that corresponds to your desired level of doneness.

It plays one song for soft-boiled eggs (hard whites, but runny yolks), then plays a second song to let you know your eggs are medium-boiled (hard whites and creamy dark-yellow yolk), and a third final song for hardboiled (hard whites and hard yolk). The result is perfectly done eggs every single time.

This particular model is from Switzerland (hence the national flag), but I’ve also found this color-changing model on Amazon for just $7! What a steal!


  1. Coffee Grinder


There’s something wonderful about a morning ritual that includes grinding a fresh batch of coffee beans & brewing the perfect pot. I prefer to grind my own beans each morning to preserve the aromatic volatile oils that quickly escape pre-ground coffee. I find that it makes a much more rich & delicious cup of coffee, whether I’m brewing it in my drip-maker, or enjoying a French-pressed cup.

Another great thing about owning a coffee grinder, is that you can customize the grind based on your needs. You can make a coarser grind for French press, or a finer grind for your drip coffee maker. It can even double as a spice grinder! Just make sure you clean it thoroughly between uses to avoid spice-flavored coffee 😉

This version is a relatively cheap blade grinder, but it does the job well! It’s just $20 on Amazon.

That’s my two-cents. What about you? What essential kitchen gadget could you never live without?

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